The art of inter-personal communication
is often over-looked.

Jeremy Stockwell

It is an art of subtle awareness that can be developed and used to great effect.

No matter where you are on your journey - experienced professional, or just starting out - the better you communicate your ideas, skills, talents, knowledge, and enthusiasm, the more likely you are to succeed.

With increased awareness and development your confidence will grow, your nerves and anxiety will disappear, and your collaborations will be much more authentic, engaging, and positive.

Jeremy Stockwell Coaching will encourage you to let go of old habits that may be holding you back. We can help you discover, sustain, and trust your true creative and confident self, thereby helping you to help yourself and others towards even greater personal and professional success.

Jeremy Stockwell Coaching offers
One-to-one coaching Live or online (Skype/FaceTime)
In house training
We have a broad range of top level trainers who's specialisms include inter-personal communication, presentation, voice, movement and physicality, confidence building, team building, listening skills, and leadership.
We can also help you write and structure your speeches and presentations.
Public Courses
Motivational talks
Artistic Input
Creative Thinking
Access to a network of creative practitioners and organisations

About Jeremy Stockwell

Jeremy is one of the U.K.s leading Performance Consultants. His work is simple and effective – mixing philosophical awareness with practical application. His client list includes prominent names in Arts, Media, Business, and Education. His extensive coaching on TV, particularly for the BBC, includes top line presenters, actors, business leaders, pop stars, and politicians. On-screen credits include the BAFTA award winning series ‘Faking It’, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, and ‘How do you Solve a Problem Like Maria’. His BBC series on public speaking, ‘The Speaker’, won him much critical acclaim

Jeremy is a long serving member of the teaching faculty at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art where he has tutored and directed many leading actors of stage and screen. He has taught on the Value of PhD Research course, at Cumberland Lodge. And he regularly coaches law students at the Inner Temple, London. He gives workshops and seminars on Inter-Personal Communication, Presentation, and Performance at universities in the UK and abroad; these include Oxford University, UCL, for Business & Enterprise and the Careers & Employability Centre, at the University of Sussex. Jeremy has led courses, talks, and seminars extensively, throughout Europe and in Japan - helping organizations and individuals to unlock their potential and maximize their success.

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