Clients include

Hewlett Packard
The Actors Guild of Great Britain
Lewes District council
New Deal of The Mind
John Lewis Partnership UK
Thomson Financial
Institute of Directors
Wieden & Kennedy - advertising agency
Greys Worldwide - advertising agency
Southall Regeneration Partnership
Fresh Egg Internet Marketing
Crawley County Council
Brighton Psychotherapists
East Sussex County Council
South Downs
University of Sussex
MOREXSITE Off- & Online-Design

Reviews & testimonials

‘We highly recommend Jeremy as a creative individual of the highest calibre, whose work can be relied upon to enhance the training of students and actors to the highest level.’
Nicholas Barter. Past Principle. RADA.

‘Breathtakingly relaxed and spontaneous.’
The Times

‘Jeremy Stockwell is an extraordinary artist, communicator and trainer. His experience in both the theatre and his teaching at RADA as well as his corporate training expertise make him a world class expert in Communication Skills. It has been my pleasure to have used Jeremy's talents on various courses that we at GdeP Associates have run.’
Greg de Polnay.

‘The workshop was an excellent and rich combination of team building and communication skills. I would highly recommend it for teams who are prepared to challenge the humdrum approach to training and team building!’
Jim Redwood. Crawley District Council.

‘With his acute understanding of the needs of his students, and his direct yet profound approach, Jeremy has been probably one of the most important guides in my life. I say guide because never once did I feel patronised, and never once did I feel in the presence of superior imparting information. Jeremy's great power lies in his unique ability to lead you back to yourself and the realisation that infinite possibilities lay within your reach. Whether in an enormous group, or one on one, in the arts or in business, Jeremy's work goes straight to the essence of what it is to be an individual working within a modern world. His work is personal yet universal, and I would urge anyone to seize the opportunity of experiencing it. It will be life-changing.’
Elisa de Grey. Theatre practitioner.

‘Magical’.’ Challenging in a supportive way.'’ This experience has unlocked skills I didn't know I had’.’ The team dynamic has never been so strong' is just some feedback from staff who have been fortunate enough to participate in the diverse range of learning events that Jeremy Stockwell has facilitated’
Leatham Green. Head of Business Planning. East Sussex County Council.

‘Entertaining, joyful and informative: a witty and innovative view of common sense.’
The Times Educational Supplement

‘The training needs analysis and subsequent delivery were handled in a most professional, entertaining, and meaningful way. The learning and positive tips Jeremy offered are being put to good use and we plan to broaden our business relationship in the future.’
Ash Vermer. Southall Regeneration Partnership

‘He is unquestionably the master of his craft and if he were an electric current, would be marked positive.’
Eric Knowles. BBC. Broadcaster.

‘Stockwell, wonderfully unpredictable and well worth the risk’
Time Out

‘His first ever class I attended remains as a fresh memory today. It was a jaw dropping and a life changing experience for me; full of joy, curiosity, warmth, trust, integrity, sense of relief and questions! The underneath of works, I sensed there are so many layers of 'them' like a gentle flowing river. The work and knowledge I mined, received and chewed only grow ever since and will never stop.’
Sachi Kimura. Co-Founder

‘I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture or both that has given Jeremy Stockwell a gift, almost a sixth sense, to connect and communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s a way of creating and learning that sneaks up on you. He opens up a world of possibilities, with extraordinary dexterity, insight and humour!’
Helen Prossor. Co-founder

‘I was told that all that was required was an open heart and a willingness to play which is something everyone can do inherently. This gave me permission to stop doing and start being. Through re-learning how to play and explore, rooted in Jeremy’s profound understanding of the creative process, I am free to take risks and enjoy everything I do, on and off the stage.’
Cassie Raine. Theatre practitioner.

‘Make, Work’ directed by the brilliant Jeremy Stockwell. Harnessing the often underused creativity of British actors – the ‘showing’ was wild. Theatre at its best. Bursting with guts, the performances were fresh, alive, inspiring.

‘Strange, funny, and totally compelling.’
The Guardian